#ThinkBeforeYouTweet: 3 Questions to Ask Before Posting Online

During this week’s meeting, my supervisor talked to me and the other intern about posting online. With the recent SCOTUS decision about gay marriage, I think everyone’s social media feeds have exploded, so this was a chance for some friendly advice from a mentor. I think most of us are taught proper netiquette at some point, but it’s always nice to have a refresher.

This isn’t a new topic—hashtags like #ThinkBeforeYouTweet are proof of that. We’ve all seen really idiotic posts online, whether it be some misplaced commas or a tweet that gets a person fired. Still, how do we know what is and isn’t appropriate to post online? Here are three questions I’ve started asking myself before I post online, be it a blog article, Facebook post, or a tweet:

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