#DOSummer2015 Update #2: On Coasting and Accountability

#DOSummer2015 isn’t a very difficult challenge if you’re going for the exercise idea, like me. The nice thing about doing a challenge that requires only 15 minute intervals is when you exercise, you can usually cross off three or four boxes each time. However, it also means you can go nearly a week without crossing out any boxes and still feel ahead—in this case, that’s me. Coasting along.

So, maybe what #DoSummer2015 is helpful for is not so much forcing me to exercise but rather, showing me how quickly I’m willing to slack off on my exercise schedule. It’s amazing what a low level of accountability can do to a girl’s motivation.

However, what I’m learning this summer is that you can’t rely on accountability. Yes, deadlines are good and so are boxes to check off. But in the end, there are times you need to motivate yourself to do something simply for yourself and nothing else.

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