Entering Social Media Part 1: Is Your Business on Facebook for the Wrong Reason?

Image courtesy of Yoel Ben-Avraham (Flickr)

Here’s the rub: everyone explains to businesses that they need to be on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever is popular, but no one explains how or even why. When Facebook first exploded in popularity in 2009, thousands of businesses jumped on the bandwagon because if you were on Facebook, you were hip. (Or sick or whatever word the Gen Z’s have now deemed cool.)

However, when I talk to nonprofits who want to be on Facebook, they can’t really explain why. They often just give me a somewhat sheepish look and explain, “Well, we just feel like we ought to.”

And there’s their number one mistake. Social media may have a lot to do with ego, but just as there is room for only so many divas in a theater production, you can only fit so many companies on Facebook before all of their posts become clutter.

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