Burnout: How to Recharge

Merry Christmas! I pray that whatever holiday you celebrate is a time of rest and joy for you.

My apologies for the hiatus of writing—it’s been a rather wonky month. I graduated from college last week, and I’m afraid I’ve felt more than a little tired. I know it’s not just me—whether you just finished another semester of school or are chugging through another season filled with the daily grind, fatigue is a familiar feeling for all of us. And regardless of your occupation, this fatigue can easily lead to burnout.

For example, I love to write, but after majoring in it, the charm of writing has been lost in a swamp of essays and reports. However, not all of us have the luxury of a long break after a difficult season, so what do you do when you feel burned out and can’t take a long vacation? Here are some of the tips that I’ve been trying to implement in my life to recharge a bit:

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#DOSummer2015 Update #3: Scheduling = More Time

CAM00319As you can see, I haven’t made substantial progress in the last month or so on my chart. I haven’t been reading a ton of the Monday pep talks either. (Sorry, Jon Acuff.) I’ve felt a little behind the eight ball most of the summer, so things I can slough off on (e.g., exercise), I have. Unfortunately, that’s not the healthiest. And a lot of it has to do with prioritizing and scheduling.

As a freelancer, daily schedules can be a lot looser than the average 9-5 worker. With that, it’s easy to just work when you feel like it and pull long nights when you have to. After all, no one is peering over your shoulder. But that’s not the most productive. I’ve been like that a lot in college and am trying to create healthier habits. So after musing about it a bit, I’ve realized a lot of it comes down to scheduling.

Granted, I like schedules a lot. I’m a to-do list kind of person. And if you aren’t, then maybe this post isn’t for you. But for those of you who like mapping things out, here are tips on scheduling more:Read More »