5 Helpful Tips for College Interns

As I’ve mentioned before, I had two internships this summer, and while that was a little stressful, both were very helpful. I met a lot of wonderful people and have gotten to try out what it can feel like to freelance as well as to work in a publishing house. Both internships ended on Thursday, and while I was not the perfect intern (who is?), I did pick up some tips on how to become a better one:

1. Pay Close Attention

No duh. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. However, after you start sliding into a rhythm, you can often forget to be as precise as you were when you were applying for the internship itself. For example, on my proofreading test for one of my internship applications, I spent probably an hour on the draft. Now, I would spend maybe 20 minutes on it. Getting faster wasn’t the bad thing though—it’s the fact that I could catch myself skimming where I used to slowly read aloud. I started getting sloppy, and I had to remind myself to take a second (or third) look through a draft before sending it back to my supervisor. Because whenever I did, I inevitably found a dumb mistake.

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