Portfolio Samples

Here you can find a few examples of my work over the years. (Please note that my earlier pieces are under my maiden name, Celine Murray.) For a more detailed list of my portfolio, please see LinkedIn.

Church Marketing Sucks: In summer 2015, I wrote and edited numerous articles for this nonprofit. Church Marketing Sucks focuses on creating better communication within the church and provides materials for church communicators to draw upon. I got to improve my editing chops here as well as learn how to write with a little more “salt.” Definitely one of my favorite places to blog.

The Produce News: I was an intern for The Produce News for nine months in 2014. The Produce News had a unique style of writing that I wasn’t used to and was also my first foray into journalism. Although I don’t think I’ll ever truly fall in love with reporting, I did enjoy picking up tips about magazine writing.

Silver Vase

Outreach Farm Project

The Bloom Project

Rose Month for Kids

The Northwestern Examiner: As copyeditor for my school’s newspaper, I created a style sheet to remind myself of specific style rules unique to the paper as well as to aid the copyeditor that would eventually come after me. When I started this in 2014, it was my first introduction to A.P. Style. (The non-existent Oxford comma definitely threw me for a loop!)

Style Sheet (Updated August 2015)

The Parable Fund: Pati Kachel of The Parable Fund has been a dear friend for several years now, and when she asked me to do some brochure work for her, I was really excited. Pati’s work is unlike anyone else I know, and it was a fun challenge to try to communicate that in her new brochure. I was responsible for the front cover copy as well as for the Daughters of Heaven section.

The Parable Fund Brochure

ALPHA Center: For the University of Northwestern – St. Paul’s ALPHA Center, I created six worksheets and a few reminder sheets for the staff. As of fall 2015, I have worked at ALPHA for nearly two years, and this job has, more than anything else, helped me learn the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style to the point that I can teach it easily. These worksheets were a chance to come up with more ways to help students struggling with grammar.

BE Verbs

Comma Splices



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