Do you remember in your old bookstore how they would sometimes sell small trinkets near the children’s area? I used to beeline it there first. So it happened that I bought my first copy of The Secret Garden not because of the story, but because of the golden key plastic-wrapped onto the cover. And while eventually I grew into buying actual books in the bookstore, I still can’t get over the lure of that golden key.

Keys are romantic in the most traditional sense of the word—slipping into our pockets to unlock hidden diaries, cars, and yes, doors. And just as a key unlocks a door, so good communication unlocks new avenues for your business.

A company’s communication is the hand at the tiller of its success, and in this age of tweets and instant coffee, copy has to be snappier and tighter than ever. However, few companies can afford full-time writers. And there’s no shame in that.

Enter the freelancer. You and I can work together to make your copy fantastic, and after you’re satisfied, I’m gone (until the next project, that is). All without your having to worry about adding another employee to your company’s healthcare plan.

Interested in working with me? Send me a message.

Celine Kuehn is a December 2015 graduate of the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, where she studied English writing as well as minoring in Bible and marketing. During college, she freelance wrote and edited for non-profits and businesses such as The Parable Fund, Church Marketing Sucks, The Produce News, and The Northwestern Examiner. You can look at some of her work here.

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