Ad Spotlight: The Emily Program

Have you ever seen an ad that gets you right in the gut? Recently, I was driving to my parents’ house and saw the below billboard:

Emily Program Billboard
Courtesy of The Minneapolis Egotist

What Makes it Great

As someone who has known several friends battle through anorexia, I know that the lack of understanding is often the biggest hurdle. One friend who shared her story with me said that a lot of her struggle had nothing to do with losing weight at all: it was about control over her body, and therefore, some semblance of control over her life. This crucial need for understanding why is something so many people battle, not just those with eating disorders. The text’s simplicity conveys the specialists’ warm and caring attitudes; additionally, The Emily Program’s main color is the same vibrant orange.

However, my favorite thing about this ad is the graphic. The peace symbol is great, but what I love is how the utensils form the spokes. It’s not just that people are seeking peace within themselves about these issues; it’s also that, upon recovery, they can find peace when eating food as well.

What Could Improve

Personally, I would not have bolded the word really in red. With that and the word understanding bolded, you read “really understanding” at first. I get that it’s another push to exemplify the caring disposition of the specialists, but personally, I find it distracting. It goes with the law of diminishing returns: just highlighting the word understanding has much more punch.


If you or a loved one is battling an eating disorder, you can contact The Emily Program by visiting their website:

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