Ad Spotlight: Arby’s “We Have Pepsi”

Chances are you just mentally read that headline in the voice that narrates all of Arby’s commercials. One could write an entire blog post on Arby’s branding strategy; however, for this post, I’d like to focus on a particular ad by Arby’s that came out about a year ago:

What Makes It Great

I’ll admit, I think the narrator can be rather irritating at times. However, using a consistent voice and structure for ads can really solidify a company’s brand—just look at Absolut Vodka. Even without Arby’s being mentioned, it’s obvious whose ad it is from the first three seconds because of the narrator’s voice.

The commercial is also incredibly transparent, which is what millennials crave (myself included). The commercial itself is aesthetically boring; however, the sheepish and even indignant voice of the narrator easily makes up for the lack of visuals. The ad proves to its audience that even when Arby’s messes up, it will be the first to let you know.

What Could Improve

I don’t know if I would have changed this ad at all. It’s snappy and simple, albeit mildly obnoxious. But again, part of that is just the way Arby’s does its commercials. And it works.

What do you think of Arby’s ad?

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