Ad Spotlight: Oreo’s “Blackout” Tweet

With Super Bowl 2016 rapidly approaching, many of us like to reminisce about our favorite commercials from last year and look forward to seeing the creativity that will soon unfold. However, not all the most memorable marketing moments from the Super Bowl are seen on TV.

During Super Bowl 2013, many viewers remember the blackout that occurred midway through the game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome. With the game suddenly halted, Oreo Cookies took advantage of the moment to create one of the most memorable tweets of the year:

Oreo Tweet
Image Courtesy of

What Made It Great

Talk about paying attention to current events! This is what’s called “real-time marketing.” While viewers could not watch the game, that didn’t mean that brands had to stop talking . On the contrary, the game’s pause allowed Oreo’s tweet a greater chance of rising above the noise. (In this case, it succeeded by being re-tweeted over 15,000 times.) And as all good marketers know, being this relevant and quirky is a sure way to attract consumers’ attention.

Note: Ironically, did you notice Oreo didn’t even include a Super Bowl hashtag?

The simplicity of the ad is also a huge draw. The graphic is simple, the copy short, and the ad fits its brand’s personality—funny with a dash of snarkiness. Perfect for a Twitter platform, especially under Oreo’s name.

What Could Improve

This is a personal preference, but I would have cut the logo in the bottom right-hand corner. Granted, the eye is drawn to the actual cookie first, but the cookie also tells the viewer immediately whose graphic it is. Also, since the ad was posted under Oreo’s Twitter account, the logo seems both superfluous and a little distracting.

What do you think of Oreo’s tweet?

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