Ad Spotlight: McDonalds and the Advantages of Solid Branding

The advantage of being a well-known company is that your ads don’t have to focus so much on building your brand as reinforcing it. This ad from McDonalds perfectly illustrates this principle:

(Image Originally Found on Pinterest)
(Image Originally Found on Pinterest)

What Makes It Great

What do you think of when you think of McDonalds? While I’m sure the word cheap and the image of fatty French fries entered your mind, what about convenience? McDonalds has built up its brand based on speed and ease of use. In this ad, McDonalds has taken its identity of convenience and extended it beyond just food—in this case, into the convenience of free WiFi.

By drawing on its solid branding, McDonalds doesn’t have to discourse on its facilities’ benefits: because the background of the photo matches the interior of any McDonalds, we barely need its logo to tell us whom this ad belongs to. The dual use of the chicken nuggets box as an invisible laptop just adds a clever twist to the ad.

What Could Improve

The only thing I would consider changing about the ad is the font size. Making the words larger would increase readability; however, by not seeing the copy right away, the viewer can better appreciate the photo itself and surmise most of its meaning before even reading the copy. The photo squints, which means its meaning is understood before even reading the copy. And that’s always the sign of a good image.

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