Ad Spotlight: Trident Gum

Every once in a while, you run across an ad that you just can’t forget. I first discovered Trident’s Facebook page when I was a sophomore in college, and the ad I read actually made me laugh out loud. (Because seriously, we may all say LOL, but how many of us are truly cracking up?)

Courtesy of the Trident Facebook page

What Makes it Great

When I describe punchy writing, I usually point to this ad first. Pithy, eye-catching, and it nails exactly what Trident gum is supposed to do. It inspires more jokes too—if you read the comments of the ad on its Facebook page, people are joking about if it works by just rubbing on the underarms. When your fans take it a step further with an ad you created, you know you did a good job.

What Could Improve

I’ve gone back and forth on this one, and honestly, I don’t know what I’d change about it. It’s an ad I would genuinely put as a poster in my room.

I’ll admit, not all of Trident’s ads are this good, but they all stay along the same flavor (no pun intended): goofy, punchy, fun. Now that’s what I call good branding!

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