Tips for Deeper Audience Analysis: Persona and Scenario

A few days ago we talked about doing an audience analysis and why you should know who’s reading your blog. And hopefully you read up on who your followers are and what they’re interested in. If you feel like all you’ve collected is a jumble of information though, here’s something that may help you narrow your focus.

From the data you’ve collected, create a persona and a scenario for your blog. A persona means a fictional person you’ve created to represent the average reader of your blog. A scenario is just a situation where your reader would go to your blog to fulfill a need.

This requires a bit of imagination, but you may be surprised at how much it kickstarts your content ideas. When you know exactly whom you’re writing to, content comes easier. When I create personas, I generally include most of the information I discovered through my audience analysis and maybe add a few more personal touches (e.g. a name, a stock photo) to help the person feel more real.

The scenario is a little trickier because it requires you to take a step back from your blog and recognize the overarching theme of what you write about. Obviously there are deviations here and there, but in general, your posts should follow a distinct theme, and the scenario you create for your persona should reflect that.

After you’ve typed up your persona and scenario, print them out! It’s nice to have copies of them handy so that you can easily reference them next time you get stuck on content generation. Happy creating!

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