Resume Tips: A Checklist Before Submitting

Since I’m graduating in December, the fact résumés have been on my mind lately is probably not a surprise to you. I’ve been hanging around the career center at my school since freshman year, and after pestering the career counselors enough times with my horrid rough drafts, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this résumé thing. However, I still run my résumés by career counselors, and I’ve noticed these are the items they tend to mention before giving me the green light:

Clear Organization?

This should be one of the first things you think of when reviewing your résumé: Is everything laid out clearly? I like to put my headlines in bold caps and then just bold my job titles, dates, and companies. Everything else is bulleted. It certainly isn’t as exciting as a graphic design résumé, but it gets the job done.

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5 Tips for Writing and Revising Blog Posts

When I was writing about revision earlier this week, I found myself thinking about how different writing pieces require different forms of revision. Rather than just a generic “don’t forget to proofread” message, I began reviewing what kinds of questions I ask myself when I write and post blog articles. Since many of you are bloggers as well, I’m hoping this can be a helpful checklist for you:

1. Does the title sum up and draw in the reader?

Because everyone hates click bait. Like the subject line of an email, you should always make sure your title gives the reader a fair preview of what they’re about to read.

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The Value of Revision

It’s easy to start having a high opinion of your writing, especially when people are contacting you for help or when you’re the only “writer” in your work group.

One of my creative writing classes this semester is called Autobiographical Writing. While memoir writing is not required in the business world, this class has helped me focus in on the meaning behind small details as well as reminding me of the value of revision. Recently, my classmates and I met in groups of three and spent a few days critiquing each other’s drafts, looking at voice, theme, coherency, diction, detail, and syntax. These peer critiques usually don’t enhance ego; while I figured out some of my strengths, I also discovered more weaknesses.

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