Too Much Screen-Time: 3 Self-Care Tips for Freelancers

As freelancer writers and editors, our screens are our co-workers. Without a computer (and a back-up one just in case), we’re out of job.

However, staring at screens frequently is not good for your eyes. And in our screen-saturated culture, we need to remind ourselves of that on a regular basis. So, here are some self-care tips if you find yourself in front of a screen a lot:

1. Take Frequent Breaks

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Reading as a Writing Professional

In a conversation with Peter Hajinian and Kevin D. Hendricks last week, we got started on the topic of books and reading regularly. This summer, I’ve heard a lot of writing professionals stress the importance of continually reading and learning, and as a writing major, I’ve heard numerous times from my professors that you can’t be a good writer if you’re not a good reader. However, everyone I seem to talk to claims to be super busy (myself included). So, how do these people continually read if they’re as busy as they claim?

As Kevin and Peter were talking about how many books they’ve read thus far this year, it made me think about this quandary. (And since Kevin is the author of 137 Books in One Year: How to Fall in Love with Reading, I figured he must know something on the subject.) I assumed they were talking about books like Developmental Editing or Strunk & White—good books, but I don’t know if I could read them all the time during the year.

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5 Copywriter Portfolio Tips: Interview with Peter Hajinian

Last week, I had another informational interview, this time with copywriter Peter Hajinian, who also happens to be the associate creative director at Morsekode. I’ve never talked to someone who works as a writer in an agency, but if Peter is anything to go by, I wish I could pester these people more often! I told Peter later that that was the most I’d ever laughed during an interview.

Of course, this also meant our conversation was all over the place, but I think it’s more fun that way. Still, we discussed a lot about ad agency hiring, and Peter especially stressed the importance of having a strong portfolio to bring with you to interviews. He gave me several tidbits about portfolios, which I wanted to share with you all here:

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