Ad Spotlight: Drink More Water

Everyone tells you to drink eight cups of water a day, right? Well, do any of you actually do that? I can’t drink that much without running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. However, I do know I need to drink more water, and I think this ad is a great reminder:

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Confession: I can’t exactly tell what brand this is (my bet is on Absopure), and thus far I’m having trouble finding a duplicate of the ad on the Internet. (One of the downsides to finding a lot of your ads on Pinterest.) Still, I love the concept of this, and I wanted to highlight a couple reasons why:

What Makes It Great

1. Non-Controversial Message = Easy Entrance

No one is going to argue against drinking more water, are they? When advertisers tell us to drink more, we usually hang our heads and sigh about our addiction to Dr. Pepper.

2. Good Coloring

That pale blue is subtle way to remind the audience that this is a water ad. The quiet background then makes the figures pop. And did anyone notice that the fruit on the ad still has water on it? I love that the apple actually glistens.

3. Minimalistic

Besides the unreadable three-word copy at the bottom, there is no language in this ad. Despite being a writer, I love that. The message is understandable in an instant.

4. Positive Message

I didn’t notice this until I’d been staring at this ad for a few minutes that it goes from the negative to the positive, from dried fruit to healthy fruit. Rather than an appeal to fear (“You’re going to shrivel up if you don’t drink water!”), the ad points gently to water’s ability to restore health. It makes more a more positive, inspirational message rather than a threat.

What Could Improve

The logo and copy are too small. Granted, I’m seeing a very pixelated version of the ad, but still, even zoomed in, the logo just looks like a blob. I’m sure the designer was trying to make these things an unobtrusive part of the ad, but it makes me think of a public service announcement rather than an attempt to sell whoever-this-brand-is product.

What are your thoughts on this ad?

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