Ad Spotlight: Tide Removes Stains in One Go

Probably the best thing about Pinterest (DIY projects aside) is the plethora of print ads you can discover on it. For this Ad Spotlight, I’m highlighting one of my favorite finds from Pinterest: a series of print ads from Tide.

What Makes Them Great

Other than the incredible simplicity of the ads, I think the coloring makes them better. The pastel colors catch your attention right away without being obnoxious, and they feel reminiscent of a shirt you might use Tide to clean. Plus, they give a gentle contrast to the wild animals on the cover.

However, if we were being totally honest here, I think the comical look on the leopard’s face is probably the real reason I love these ads so much.

What Could Improve

The only complaint I have about these is the font. When I first saw the ad, I had to squint a bit to read the copy. (And if you still can’t read it, it says, “Removes stains in one go…”) Granted, you don’t necessarily need the copy to understand what’s being conveyed here, but it is nice to have that tidbit about stains—if only just to clinch the deal.

It’s not hard to see why these ads work. I only wish they had done more of them.

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