#DOSummer2015 Update #1: Confidence Building

In case you missed an earlier post, I’m participating in Jon Acuff’s #DOSummer2015 Challenge , which is a challenge to spend 25 hours of the summer honing or learning a new skill. I decided to go with the classic resolution of working out more. (Original, I know.) Acuff has created a Facebook group to serve as fellow cheerleaders in this challenge and has also created a calendar for participants to track their hours. Right now, I’m at about four hours total. The trail I like to rollerblade on. As part of this challenge, Acuff also sends out weekly pep talks, and the pep talk from this week was a reminder to “not confuse confidence with skills.” At the moment, I don’t think I’m particularly skilled at rollerblading (I nearly wiped out three or four times yesterday); however, my confidence level is growing. So, I suppose that is the main lesson I’m getting out of this DO Summer Challenge: I may not be doing 100 push-ups a day, but I haven’t totally eaten the ground yet when rollerblading or biking. Always something to celebrate, right?

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