Jon Acuff’s DO Summer Challenge

First off, apologies for the single and tardy post for this week. One of my classes ended as one of my internships (the freelance one) began, so there’s been a lot of shuffling around between blogs, emails, exams, papers, presentations, meetings, and commuting. However, my class ended just a few hours ago and I’m really enjoying my internship, so all in all, things are pretty great right now.

One of the first blog assignments I received for my internship was to write up a quick post about a new challenge Jon Acuff issued for this summer. In case you aren’t familiar with who Jon Acuff is, here’s a link to his bio. And if you’re too lazy to read that, here’s my version: he’s a speaker, author, and blogger who is fairly well known for his sarcasm, semi-motivational speeches, and snappy copy.

For this summer, he’s issued what he calls DO Summer 2015—essentially, spend 25 hours learning a new skill or honing an old one. He reasons you can spend 15-minute intervals each time on your skill, and it’s a chance to make the most of those lazy summer days. After I wrote a post about it, my internship supervisor suggested I try doing it myself.

Acuff says that the skill you choose “can be a completely new skill or something you used to love that fell behind in the busyness of life. It can be career related like working on your resume or life related like jogging for better health.” I know I’m blogging primarily about writing and editing, so I feel like I ought to doing something like rThe view I'll imagine when I'm lying on the floor doing crunches.eading through the entire Chicago Manual of Style.

However, I’ve decided to focus on working out. I’m anticipating a pretty busy summer ahead of me, and when I get busy, my exercise schedule tends to be the first one cut. So, I’m going to DO summer by killing those ab crunches and barbells. You might even see me give some Twitter updates via #DOSummer2015.

DO Summer 2015 kicks off this Monday (June 8th). I dare you to join me.

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