5 Reasons College Students Should be on LinkedIn

The use of LinkedIn by college students varies anywhere between enthusiasm and ennui. I find myself on the former end of the spectrum. Despite how much some of my fellow students hate it, think it’s a bore, waste of time, etc., I personally have profited greatly from it. Through LinkedIn, I’ve kept in touch with professional men and women whom I otherwise would probably have never seen again. The website has also given me the chance to scope out potential jobs, read from a pool of excellent job resources, and score several informational interviews. So, college students (or job seekers in general), here’s some reasons you should consider this great (and free) tool:

1. Professional Connections
This is the core of LinkedIn—to make connections with those in the professional world. For college students, this is a great opportunity to follow up with a guest speaker who came to your class, peek through their achievements and how they got started, and most importantly, connect with them so you can interview them personally. (More on that in a second.)

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Strunk and White’s Elements of Style: Worth the Hype?

You’ve probably heard of it before. This “little book” has made a big impact in classrooms throughout the years, and this week was my chance to see why everyone praises this book so much.

In case you’ve never heard of it, The Elements of Style (co-written by E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little) is small book about various grammar rules. Think the Chicago Manual of Style compressed into a book small enough to fit into a purse.

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3 Tips for Managing LinkedIn Groups

Last school year, I managed the Facebook page for my school’s English department, and I later began dabbling in Twitter and LinkedIn as well. With the former, it was fairly easy to adopt a strategy that more or less followed the one already set in place for Facebook. However, LinkedIn was new territory for me. Being a lurker in groups is one thing; managing LinkedIn groups yourself is quite another.

One of my supervisors and I created a subgroup for the humanities department in my school as a way for alumni and current students to network and discuss professional questions or issues. While plenty of people applied to be in the group and I posted something new every week, we rarely got any sort of response back. After five months, we had only one post, two replies, and two likes that were not made by me.

It was a complete flop.

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#DOSummer2015 Update #1: Confidence Building

In case you missed an earlier post, I’m participating in Jon Acuff’s #DOSummer2015 Challenge , which is a challenge to spend 25 hours of the summer honing or learning a new skill. I decided to go with the classic resolution of working out more. (Original, I know.) Acuff has created a Facebook group to serve as fellow cheerleaders in this challenge and has also created a calendar for participants to track their hours. Right now, I’m at about four hours total. Read More »

Lee Odden: 3 Tips for Content Marketing

Yesterday, I was able to go to an event called Social Media Breakfast (SMB), which brings people from all areas of the Twin Cities to discuss social media in its various platforms. (And they give you bacon. How awesome is that?) Yesterday’s event was centered on content marketing, and the person they interviewed was Lee Odden. Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, an agency located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, and the author of Optimize, a book on integrating SEO, social media, and content marketing into your company.

First off, a definition of content: Lee defined it as “the process of planning, creating, and promotion of stuff for a specific audience to inspire action and/or a specific outcome for your audience and brand.” So basically, anything you’re creating on your website that has a purpose is content, and you’ve gotta market it.

Lee talked all over the board about content marketing, ranging from helpful web applications to self-publishing. But what I found most helpful about this event were some of Lee’s quick and dirty tips for people starting out in content marketing:

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