School & Internships: They Come in Pairs

Summer skyHappy Monday! It’s the last summer before my graduation from college, and I’m taking two summer classes as well as juggling two part-time internships. It’s going to be crazy, but I’m so excited as well.

With all this learning in mind, I’m shifting the focus of this blog a bit to focus on tips learned from these internships as well as fun facts that I’m learning in my classes. I plan on blogging about twice a week. So, here’s a small run-down of what I’ll be doing this summer:

Freelance Writing & Editing Intern: I know interning for a one-man freelance company sounds rather odd, but I’m so excited for this one. I’ll mainly be editing my supervisor’s writing as well as editing blog posts and creating tweets for several nonprofits.

Editorial & Production Intern: This internship takes place at a small publishing company near my area where my primary task will be assisting the acquisitions editor but also being available to the production and sales teams. It’ll be great to learn more about the publishing world in general rather than just editing.

Christian Theology and Romans & Galatians: (Bible minor—can you tell?) While theology courses are difficult, I’m hoping to get a lot out of this one. However, I always enjoy my classes that specialize in one book of the Bible, so I think Romans & Galatians will be a lot of fun.

It looks like it’ll be a pretty good summer, and I’m excited to start working. Any big summer plans you want to share?

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